bullfighter, toreador

  1. taurarius
  2. taurocenta
    • C.I.L.
    • Helf., 'Toréador qui combat à cheval,'' Benoît; ''ταυρόκενται, in Lat. form taurocentae, bull-stabbers (in bull-fights), CIL 10.1074,'' LSJ. Hoc bene competere videtur in 'picador,'' scilicet tauromachum equestrem, qui incipiente ludo taurum palis aculeatis stimulat. 'Matador,'' si quando ceteris tauromachis distingui oportet, vocari potest fortasse taurophonus, tauroctonus, aut tauricida.
  3. tauromachus
    • Egger


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