1. emcombĂ´ma
    • Alb. II, Emcomboma: 'a white garment worn by girls, Varr. ap. Non. 543, 1' (LS); 'a sort of frock or apron, worn esp. by slaves to keep the exwmiV clean' (Lidell-Scott). EL: bleus (de travail), tuta, mono, Arbeitsanzug, forma ergatikh.
  2. indumentum braccatum
  3. indutorium
    • Egger
  4. superindumentum operarium
    • LRL
  5. tunica bracata
    • Bacci; Helf.
  6. tuta (operariorum) vestis
    • Bacci, e vocabulo Italico 'tuta'


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