Neo-Latin Lexicon

The Morgan-Owens Lexicon of Neo-Latin and Contemporary Latin Usage. Written and compiled by David Morgan and Patrick M. Owens, and digitally developed by the Paideia Institute for Humanistic Study, Inc.

About the Neo-Latin Lexicon

The Neo-Latin Lexicon is the home of the largest repository Neo-Latin vocabulary culled from literary sources. The Lexicon supports the work of scholars of Medieval, Renaissance, and Contemporary Latin and provides a unique tool for students, instructors and practitioners of active Latin. In addition, the site contains a small but growing vocabulary of Classical Greek words for the modern world.

Version 1.0

This version includes the non-searchable Adumbratio and Silva sections of the Lexicon. The next version of the site will include searchable Latin and Greek sections.


The code for Neo-Latin Lexicon 1.0 was written by Diego Rojas Salvador, the Paideia Institute's 2017-2018 Digital Humanities Fellow.

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