lawyer: in-house corporate lawyer

  1. syndicusSyndikus
    • Helf., An hanc rem Helfer hoc vocabulo significari voluerit nescio; varios habet significatus in Germanico ita ut in aliis linguis vernaculis. Certe ad aliquam rem hodiernam significandam utile videtur. Haec in lexicis Latinis: 'a representative of corporation, syndic,'' LS; 'avocat et représentant d'une ville,'' Gaffiot; 'qui ab aliquo collegio vel civitate ad causam ipsius agendam eiusque iura tuenda electus est,'' Forc. Haec in Graecis: 'public advocate, appointed to represent the state in matters concerning its interests; also advocates chosen by the tribes to defend their interests; public advocates under Valentinian and later,' LSJ; apud Bailly, inter alia, advocatus 'chargé de défendre la cause d'Athènes devant le conseil des Amphictions.'


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