1. febris tropicaTropenfieber
    • Soc. Lat.
    • Helf.
  2. malaria
    • s.19
  3. malus aër
  4. morbus (v. febris) palustris
    • LRL, Exstabat hic morbus antiquitus; sciendum quid audierit apud Hippocraten, alios. EB s.v. <em>malaria</em>: 'Malaria is one of the most ancient infections known. It was noted in some of the West's earliest medical records in the 5th century BC, when Hippocrates differentiated malarial fevers into three types according to their time cycles. It is not known when malaria first made its appearance in the Americas, but it is highly probable that it was a post-Columbian importation; some rather severe epidemics were first noted in 1493.'


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