mixed-race, mulatto, mestizo, half-caste, half-breed

  1. commixtus sanguine
  2. hibridahybrid
  3. homo bigener (or sanguine commixtus)mulatto
  4. homo mixto sanguine natushalf-breed
  5. hybrida
  6. misticius
    • Lev., 'Mixticius' semel ab antiquis usurpatum videtur: 'mistîcius (mixtîcius), adj., of mixed race, mongrel, born of parents of different nations; transl. of the Gr. σύμμικτος (eccl. Lat.), Hier. 5, in Jer. 25, 19,' LS
  7. mixticiusMestize, Mischling
    • Hier.; Latinitas; Helf.


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